Listening to God

Listening to God is much more than a book, it is a training journey to recognize God's voice and experience the supernatural through the Holy Spirit.

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"I took action according to the 4 keys you mentioned and in my time in the presence of the Lord, words came up in my heart. I wrote them down, here they are: 'I'm going to wipe out all your heavy past with method, with finesse, with love; you're going to feel so light, so light, as if nothing ever existed; no more highs, no more lows, but one constant line.' These words reflect so much the present state of my spiritual life and how much these beginnings of a better continuation are for me a long-awaited expectation for so, so, so long..."-Sue


21 days Listening to God's voice

What would happen if we spent 15 minutes a day together for 21 days learning to hear God's voice? Your life, your relationship with God, your prayers would be transformed! Discover how God speaks, how to grow in that intimacy to experience all that God has planned for you...

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"The other day after listening, I saw a big man come and take my little girl's hand and we were walking and we saw a green horizon. And also, I saw a man carrying me on his shoulder. I want to listen to God more!" -Judith


Meeting with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit lives in every child of God, yet he's the least-known person of the trinity. Discover the truth about 21 of the most common misconceptions about the Holy Spirit so you can live in full communion with him!
Encountering the Holy Spirit destroys the strongholds that could prevent you from enjoying this relationship with the Holy Spirit. This inspired and practical book will lead you, day by day, into the supernatural world of the Holy Spirit. Are you ready to meet Him?

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