Healing the sick is a real journey of transformation, inspiration and formation. I am sure you will see healings as you put it into practice. 

Here are the themes addressed in the 12 chapters filled with authentic testimonies :

Chapter 1 :

My personal journey from disbelief to hundreds of healings

Chapter 2 :

A study of the doctrines of demons that deprive Christians of healing

Chapter 3 :

A study of the parallel between salvation and healing. Jesus accomplished everything at the cross

Chapter 4 :

The sovereignty of God. Don’t wait for him any longer, he is waiting for you!

Chapter 5 :

How to develop the faith that heals the sick

Chapter 6 :

How to pray effectively, practical tools

Chapter 7 :

 Activation of the gifts of healing

Chapter 8 :

Tools to progress and see more breakthroughs

Chapter 9 :

How to pray for illnesses whose origin is not physical

Chapter 10 :

Discernment of the spirits applied to healing. Healing those under the influence of witchcraft

Chapter 11 :

Overcoming disappointment and discouragement. How to adopt an attitude that allows you to fight with perseverance

Chapter 12 :

Tips for dealing with your pastor about healing. Keys for pastors to develop healing in your church.

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